Gambia Bissau based in Kotu, the Gambia, offers you a rare opportunity to live in a jungle village in Guinea Bissau, a country rarely travelled by Western tourists.  We arrange your visa and take you by bush taxi across the Cassamance region of Senegal to Sao Domingo, a wild Bissau border town where you will spend the night.  Next morning, using local transport, a four hour journey takes you to your destination, the village of Cassalol, where you will be spending the next few nights.  The village has no electricity or running water but there is a sweet water well, though purification tablets are recommended.  In the village and in the forest you will be taught the basics of jungle living, from building a shelter, lighting a fire, tracking animals and identifying which plants are edible and which suitable for medical treatment.  The men of the village climb the palm trees to tap the fruit and make palm wine, which is available all day.  One of the principle crops harvested is cashew, that can also be made into an intoxicating drink but only during the cashew season.  The main food grown is rice, that too is seasonal and has to be carefully stored.  You will be invited to join the women in picking the rice plant, if you arrive during the winter months.

Your guide and instructor will be Lucas Jatta, from the village but now a Gambian resident, still earning his living as a palm tapper.  Our UK coordinator is traveller, adventurer and former comic strip artist, David Pugh.  David also heads up the charity, Bus Fare, which arranges home visits for migrant workers in Africa, India and Nepal also keeping Tibetan refugees in touch with their families across the Tibetan Diaspora.  

Gambia Bissau also offers island survival courses in the Bijagos.  Safaris can be arranged into the forests of the deep south and west of Guinea Bissau, the furthest migratory point of the African elephant.

Tour prices do not include return airfare to the Gambia.